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LOOKS, MILAN marzo 9, 2015


Some days ago we posted the pictures we took at Costume National’s backstage, one of our season favorites, so we now show you the ones we took after the show around Arco della Pace. We are wearing two of our favorites coats, indeed we’ve not stop wearing them the whole winter, from Mango and Lacoste, both perfect to stand Milan’s cold, because even though in some street style pictures it doesn’t look like, it was freezing!

Hace unos días publicamos las fotos que hicimos en el backstage de Costume National, uno de nuestros desfiles favoritos de la temporada, así que hoy os dejamos con las fotos que nos hicimos después del show en los alrededores de Arco della Pace. Llevamos dos de nuestros abrigos favoritos que no hemos parado de llevar en todo el invierno, de Mango y Lacoste, perfectos para soportar el frío de Milán, porque aunque en algunas fotos de street style no lo parezca, hace mucho frío!

cupofcouple-mfw-milan-after_costume_national-mango_man-lacoste_coat-cos-superga-louis_vuitton-mon_monogram-0002 cupofcouple-mfw-milan-after_costume_national-mango_man-lacoste_coat-cos-superga-louis_vuitton-mon_monogram-0003 cupofcouple-mfw-milan-after_costume_national-mango_man-lacoste_coat-cos-superga-louis_vuitton-mon_monogram-0004 cupofcouple-mfw-milan-after_costume_national-mango_man-lacoste_coat-cos-superga-louis_vuitton-mon_monogram-0005 cupofcouple-mfw-milan-after_costume_national-mango_man-lacoste_coat-cos-superga-louis_vuitton-mon_monogram-0006 cupofcouple-mfw-milan-after_costume_national-mango_man-lacoste_coat-cos-superga-louis_vuitton-mon_monogram-0007 cupofcouple-mfw-milan-after_costume_national-mango_man-lacoste_coat-cos-superga-louis_vuitton-mon_monogram-0008

Gabi: Zara sweater / H&M trousers / Lacoste coat / Adidas Stan Smith / Mr boho sunglasses
Mike: Bellerose sweater / COS trousers / Mango coat / Superga sneakers / Dior sunglasses via Safilo / Louis Vuitton bag


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  1. Michael says on marzo 9, 2015

    Oh guys, with the first photo, my heart is melting in beautiful feelings..sometimes I think me and my bf are the only ones who are not afraid to show the love and partnership..
    And btw., thanks for these Milan shots, taking me back there, my memories and thoughts. I can’t wait to travel there for EXPO ^_^
    Have great days,

  2. S.J. says on marzo 12, 2015

    The Lacoste coat is exactly what I need. Good News is, New York is back in spring.

    • Cup of Couple says on marzo 12, 2015

      Lo pillamos en rebajas, de la temporada pasada :/

  3. Fran says on marzo 12, 2015

    Preciosas fotos chicos, cuánto tiempo sin pasarme. Ya veo que todo fenomenal. Os mando un abrazo!

  4. Leticia says on marzo 12, 2015

    Pues por los looks que he visto en todas las webs de street style no parece que hiciese mucho frío!

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