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FOOD, TOKYO abril 22, 2016



One of the things that we like most about traveling is eating new food and Shibuya is home to the perfect spot, which became our favourite place to have breakfast: Bread, Espresso &.


Una de las cosas que más nos gusta de viajar es el turismo gastronómico y en Shibuya encontramos nuestro lugar favorito para desayunar durante nuestra estancia allí: Bread,Espresso &.





This coffee shop is the perfect combination of concrete, smell of coffee, vintage pizzas and sweets. We can honestly say that their french toast are the best we’ve ever had. It’s just funny that we had to go all the way to Japan to try them…!


Este café es una mezcla perfecta de cemento, olor a café recién hecho, piezas vintage y pasteles. Podemos decir que sus tostadas francesas son las más ricas que hemos probado. Y que hayamos tenido que viajar hasta Japón para descubrirlas…!



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  1. MissLilly says on abril 22, 2016

    I’m not surprised! The best donut I’ve ever had was in the Tokyo Station. We had pretty good capuccinos in Kyoto as well. They perfect everything, really!

  2. Michael says on abril 22, 2016

    Sometimes it is like that we have to travel over the world to taste the best things which are “domestic” for us in our homecountry =). The best on it is the fact that the feeling and experience is much more intensive and memorable then 😉

    And as always, amazing photos!


  3. Zan says on abril 29, 2016

    Awesome pics as always! absolutely love the structure of the shot taken outside the cafe

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