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If there’s something you must visit when coming to Miami, that’s Wynwood. It’s the artistic center of the city – a trip to all senses. Apart from being packed with art galleries and museums, the district has become a canvas itself where talented artist and graphic designers showcase their creativity. It’s perfect to get lost around the best cafes and restaurants in town, as Panther Coffee, where we had breakfast, or around one of the dozens of shops there are – full of unique pieces that you will die for- like Malaquita or Plant the future, some of our favs. Without a doubt, visiting Wynwood, even with a storm, was an amazing experience.

Si hay algo que debes visitar cuando viajes a Miami es Wynwood. Es el centro artístico de la ciudad y es un viaje para los sentidos. Además de estar repleto de galerías de arte y museos, el barrio se ha convertido en un lienzo donde diferentes artistas y diseñadores gráficos plasman su creatividad. Es perfecto para perderse por las mejores cafeterías y restaurantes de la ciudad, como el Panther Coffee donde fuimos a desayunar, o por las decenas de tiendas llenas de piezas únicas que harán que te lo quieras llevar todo a casa, Malaquita o Plant the future son algunas de nuestras favoritas. Sin duda la visita a Wynwood, con tormenta incluída, fue experiencia increíble.


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Gabi: Marciano shirt / Vans shorts / Adidas sneakers / Beara Beara backpack / Kenzo socks
Mike: Sandro shirt / Marciano shorts / Vans sneakers / Dior sunnies via Safilo

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  1. Herc says on mayo 7, 2015

    Wow, that’s so cool. We need more artistic and colorful walls like those everywhere! 😀

  2. Michael says on mayo 7, 2015

    This is simply amazing. I love street art in those forms which looks good and seems like it belongs there from old times =). Thanks a lot guys for posting this tips from Miami, we will use them!
    Have a great time in Venice,

  3. Piia says on mayo 10, 2015

    Stunning and fun photos, as always! Miami has always been in the shade of the big and fabulous cities in the US, but now I’m thinking that should I ever get the chance to visit, I’d love to go to Miami too.
    Thanks for the lovely post!
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

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