To Burger or not to Burger

FOOD, LISBOA julio 29, 2015

During our trip to Portugal we ate pastel de Belém and shellfish, but couldn’t leave Lisboa without stopping by at one of the trendy places of the city, To burger or not to burger. The burger culture it’s something real and that’s why this place is one of the most popular ones: the service is incredible, handmade lemonade is delicious and their hamburgers and chips are of the best we’ve tried. Just in case you ever hesitate whether to burger or not to burger, always do burger.

En nuestro viaje a Portugal comimos pastéis de Belém y marisco, pero no podíamos irnos de Lisboa sin pasar por uno de los sitios de moda de la ciudad, To burger or not to burger. La cultura de la hamburguesa es una realidad y por eso este sitio es uno de los más visitados: el servicio es increíble, la limonada casera está deliciosa y sus hamburguesas y patatas son de las más ricas que hemos probado. Por si algún día tenemos dudas y no sabemos si to burger or not to burger, siempre to burger.












Rua Capelo, 24
1200 – 442 Lisbon, Portugal
To burger or not to burger

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  1. Emil says on julio 29, 2015

    That looks really delicious. I’ve been hooked on burger places for the last few weeks. Luckily we also have a good handful of nice burger places here in Belfast.
    If I ever go to Portugal I will make sure to visit this place.

    Great pictures as always.

    Emil /

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  3. Zoe says on agosto 2, 2015

    Which Facebook plugin you are using? I mean this one when someone is visiting your blog at first place?

  4. Inês says on octubre 26, 2015

    Your photos.. yum! :)

    I’ve been there, as a burger lover, but unfortunately our experience was far from good. The chips are amazing but the burger was the opposite.
    This post almost wants to make me go there.

  5. BaRT says on marzo 17, 2017

    I do not eat burger too often in Indonesia. But yes I have a choice, I will choose ‘burger’. Nice post and pictures anyway. I hope, I have a chance to visit Lisboa someday.

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